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Model: CarAdapter
12V Car Outlet/Cigarette lighter socket adapter for use with included 4 pin to barrel plug adapter.  Plug your router directly into a car style outlet...
Model: ACPowerAdapter
AC to DC 12V 3A wall adapter to plug your router directly into a wall outlet with the included 4 pin to barrel adapter.  ..
Ford Transit OEM Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Harness
Brand: Epic Off-Grid Model: FordTransitHID
08/14/2022 - Continuing to mark harnesses as pre-ordered. Typical time frame 2-3 weeks.04/05/2022 - Connectors from new source as now on back-order. Will update when I receive a timeframe.02/09/2022 Update - Found new source for the needed connectors. Backlog of orders will be produced and will cont..
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