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About Us

Our business has evolved over the years first focusing on LifePo4 batteries, electrical install assistance and niche products like a HID conversion harness for Ford Transit vans but our main focus now is helping folks get internet in their rigs. We still continue to offer batteries, harnesses, install services and remote build consultation. Our areas of speciality are electrical, A/C, and connectivity.

We provide LTE/5G Routers that are suited to be in your vehicle and will last being there to serve you for many years to come.  We also offer guidance on getting a plan for these devices as well as offer plans so you can use internet in your off-grid situation like you are on a wired connection at home.

We've also partnered with GoCamp (now part of Storyteller Overland group) to offer connectivity options for owners who rent out their van and install partners offering our routers at Moxie Van Co and Limitless Vans.

We are featured and recommended by Pagosa Supply a top contributor in the Leisure Travel Van owners community.