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Born out of the need for better off-grid options.  If you are like me you are fed up with overpriced battery options.  The big names you need to spend a small fortune to get a usable capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries to support the lifestyle in your van, RV or off-grid living situation.  You can save some money by attempting to DIY but finding the right cells that aren't previously used, are well matched to each other to support a long lifespan when assembled as a complete battery can be difficult.  I have taken all the guess work out of it by offering complete batteries at affordable prices.

The other topic that comes up often is how do I get reliable internet while off-grid?  There are plenty of mobile routers but the majority use extremely outdated modems with limited bands limiting your options on connecting to wireless cellular towers.  When you are limited by bands on a carrier you end up getting no signal where you would if you had a more modern modem, or you can connect but the speeds are so slow it is unusable or frustrating to use.  I've taken the guess work out of this by trying every option I can get my hands on and testing them with different carriers.  I provide LTE/5G Routers that are suited to be in your vehicle and will last being there to serve you for many years to come.  I also offer guidance on getting a plan for these devices so you can use internet in your off-grid situation like you are on a wired connection at home.